Capture Technology is the Future for Document Processing

Reduce Manual Data Entry with PSIGEN PSIcapture

PSIGEN PSIcapture reduces the need to manually process documents, which is notoriously time-consuming. Capture technology’s popularity comes down to its ability to cut down on the need or eliminate manual data entry, by automating the process. PSIGEN PSIcapture presents several key benefits that will help your company in its transition to automatic processes. Save company time and improve efficiency with the comprehensive suite of document management features by PSIcapture.  It can create a document workflow that substantially reduces or removes the need for manually capturing and indexing documents.

What is Capture Technology?

PSIcapture can ingest electronic documents such as PDFs or scanned documents, as well as turn paper documents into a digital form. Most importantly, it has the power to read and interpret the data. This technology can collect information from preprinted documents as well as interpret both handwriting and barcodes. Whether the document is already digital, a fax, or physical paper, it will be converted into a searchable PDF. Once the document has been captured using automation tools, it is easy to extract data or find specific documents by type. Finally, the data can be published to multiple destinations including your line of business and/or enterprise content management systems.

PSIcapture’s versatility, scalability, and ease of use make it a strong competitor among those offering automated document capture technology in today’s market. This solution can learn at a quicker pace than similar products and takes fewer corrections to manage documents properly.

What can PSIcapture do Differently?

PSIGEN Capture is both source and destination agnostic, meaning documents can be uploaded from any destination and data can be sent to multiple locations! For example, this technology has been implemented for several companies that want to keep track of delivery-related data. Borden Dairy uses PSIcapture to keep track of deliveries electronically. At the end of each shift, employees can upload their processed deliveries through the system to ensure that the correct product and quantity were taken to the location required. Using PSIGEN helps Borden Dairy know that orders are correctly processed and delivered. During an audit, Borden Dairy can easily find all documents related to completed purchase orders.

What Are the Benefits of PSIcapture?

Capture technology can improve the quality of a line of business by reducing errors and speeding up the rate the information moves throughout the company. PSIcapture will assist in business workflow because it can complete approvals and send information into another line of business system such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. To assist in an accounts payable setting, PSIGEN PSIcapture completes the three-way matching to help ensure there are no discrepancies in an order. The important documents that would need to be matched by hand include purchase orders, receipts, packing slips, and invoices. Catching errors in the earliest stage possible will reduce the potential for a company to overspend unnecessarily. Using automated document processing reduces the possibility of mistakes and helps catch fraudulent orders.

Is PSIGEN Right for You?

Everything that is processed through PSIcapture software will be searchable, including emails and PDFs. PSIGEN presents a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to retrieve data. The interface is also fully customizable for the user. The panes can be edited only to contain beneficial information. This benefit improves the quality of information for the user and simplifies the integration process for an office of any size.

PSIcapture is one of the most cost-effective automated document management solutions to date. The ability for this technology to be augmented to fit the current needs of your business and scale as growth occurs will optimize workflow. Its help in eliminating redundancies and enhanced accuracy with data is just the beginning of what PSIcapture can bring to the table!

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