Streamlining SharePoint: Top 5 PSIcapture Features

SharePoint is a document depository and content management tool that is used by businesses and organizations across the globe. While widely used, most companies aren’t using SharePoint to their full advantage. SharePoint also lacks specific indexing and organizing features, that provide workflow efficiency. Your company needs a comprehensive, customized document management solution that will streamline SharePoint document migration, classify documents and maintain document organization.


PSIcapture is a robust document management software that is directly integrated with your current SharePoint set-up, enhancing your document storage processes. While SharePoint can be an in-depth and time-consuming process, PSIcapture features nearly 40,000 features to streamline workflow and maximize efficiency.  PSIcapture is a revolutionary document management system, in that it empowers users to set their own terms and definitions.  Below are just a few of the many features of PSIcapture SharePoint integration:


Managed Metadata:

PSIcapture will allow your team to define your own information, making your SharePoint library both manageable and searchable. Managed Metadata refers to the organized set of customized description words, that allow you to easily search for documents based on what you are looking for.


Easy Importation:

With PSIcapture, your company has an easy onramp for scanning and document capture. You can scan documents from virtually anywhere, which is perfect for companies with multiple locations. PSIcapture also features an auto-import function which detects new documents and automatically imports them into your workflow.



Sometimes scanned documents don’t always produce the best images, but PSIcapture’s OCR feature will produce consistent, high-quality images. OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition” and it enhances the image of your scanned document, making them more readable and searchable.



PSIcapture’s Classification Module provides intelligent classification for documents. When searching a document for a word or phrase, the software is able to determine what type of document is being processed. This means that your documents can be instantly located, accessed and retrieved.


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