The Health Industry and Document Management

Protect Patient Data Through Digital Healthcare

Healthcare systems are constantly inundated with data. The amount of patient data has grown significantly larger after the rise of the Affordable Care Act, which required more patient information and documentation.  Data needs to be stored somewhere, and file cabinets and shelves do not provide enough space or security.  Government regulations have created an opportunity for a new way to host and retrieve patient records, with digital healthcare.  Digitizing documents provide a simple and safe way to host an almost unlimited amount of data.

Scan Data to the Cloud for Easy Retrieval

InStream’s Scanning solutions provide easy to access, easy to share, cost-effective ways to improve patient experiences. Once patient documents are scanned, they can be stored in one place. Digital patient records can then be routed to other offices and pharmacies. Scanning allows for instant streamlined results and records access. Your office will no longer be clogged with piles of patient records that waiting to be manually processed and filed. Instant document access streamlines the retrieval processes, allowing for the provision of more efficient care for your patients. Being able to obtain records from the cloud through computer or tablets allow for doctors to instantly update patient records during a visit. This streamlined efficiency will reduce data entry errors and increase information accuracy.

Health Choice of Arizona Case Study:

Read this in-depth case study explaining InStream’s implementation of the document management solution FileBound. See how it helped physicians provide quality care for their patients.

Document Safety is Top Priority for Healthcare Providers

One of the biggest concerns of healthcare providers is document safety. Healthcare offices are subject to strict regulations regarding patient records, most notably HIPPA.  Therefore, healthcare providers need to ensure that they are safeguarding patient records from any threat or data breach. Document scanning creates a higher level of document security, eliminating the threats associated with paper record storage. Physical patient records are easily destroyed by the natural elements and sometimes end up lost or misfiled. InStream’s digital system will keep all the records safe from physical and online threats. A digital space for document will be encrypted with security access, providing greater HIPPA compliance, and reducing the chance of records being seen by an unauthorized user.

4 Pressing Healthcare IT Challenges and How to Overcome Them

In this age of digital transformation, the pressure is on for healthcare organizations to deliver a true return on investment with their IT initiatives and drive quality patient outcomes. 

Focusing on digital healthcare has led to significantly happier and healthier patients. Patients can get quality healthcare that is better tailored to them. There is increased access to patient history and those who are sick can meet with doctors outside of the office. Doctors can proscribe the best possible treatment for their patients through a combination of past records and easy access to pharmacists and other physicians. The time saved with instant record retrieval results in doctors having more time to spend with their patients and provide a high level of care.

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