The Most Comprehensive Robotic Process Automation Tool for Business

You’ve seen the lists before…

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37 Uses for RPA In Business

Robotic process automation (RPA) is taking many industries by storm – and for good reason! RPA can save employee time and company money. By automating simple tasks like data retrieval and processing, specialized workers are freed up to focus on the tasks only they can do.

Getting the Most Value Out of RPA

But how do you get the most value out of RPA? As technology changes at a rapid pace, the most cost-effective way to run a robot (or “bot”) is likely to change one or more times over the bot’s useful life. Furthermore, the data collected by a bot has to be able to integrate with business analytics, business intelligence, and dashboard and reporting software in order to be truly valuable as knowledge. So, how do you know what type of bots you need? What they should do? How they should be implemented?

That’s where we come in! We help clients in all sectors get the most value out of their robotic process automation solutions by focusing on cost-effective bots that are managed uniquely and integrate seamlessly with other InStream services.

Three Reasons Why InStream’s RPA Solutions Are The Obvious Choice

#1 Our RPA Solutions Are Affordable.

On-site robotic services can be expensive. But we believe that RPA shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. We help clients maximize the value they receive from RPA by offering cloud-hosted, process-driven robotic services that offer all the benefits of a SaaS solution. With this approach…

  • Upfront costs are comparatively little (vs. an on-premise solution).
  • There is no required investment for hardware, software, or expertise.
  • You only pay for the services you use.

Since there’s only a small upfront cost and minimal investment, InStream clients have the opportunity to test the waters of robotic solutions and quickly see a return on their investment.

#2 Our Bots Are Managed Uniquely.

Our unique robotic process automation services are built on a management matrix that allows us to effectively manage each robot as a unique entity. This means we’re able to change or update the tools used in one or all of a client’s robots on an as needed basis. By taking this approach, we’re able to help our clients achieve lower costs with better management capabilities.

Since robots perform unique tasks and have unique requirements and characteristics, this is a more configurable method that allows us to serve our clients’ specific business needs, including varying information within their own organization. Depending on the level of access granted by the company, some clients may elect to have a bot’s results appear on one team member’s dashboard, while excluding other employees from seeing results.

#3 Our Bots Pair Well With Other Services.

Of course, RPA is only one of many business solutions we offer. Our robotic solutions pair well with our other services, making the combination the most flexible and comprehensive robotics program in the industry.

Ask us about…

  • Robot Design and Deployment
  • Web Based Portals
  • Business Analytics
  • Management Dashboards

Of course, every bot utilizes the latest technology and comes with InStream’s full maintenance and support. Contact us for more information!