Understanding AP Automation’s Advantages

AP Automation is a paperless processes that controls information, scans invoices, tracks money and information, as well securing approvals and managing vendors in a timely manner.  The software automatically does these tasks, saving the company time and money.  It puts employees to better use.  AP Automation handle’s a company’s transactions, keeping the company on track and managing their spending.  Below are five advantages companies will gain if they switch to AP Automation.


Managing information can be difficult.  Instead of having AP clerks read over and check the data, AP automation will correct and reduce the errors.  The system takes and shares data when it is needed.  It will provide accurate data, saving AP clerks time.


Fraud can be destructive to a company.  It can hurt a company’s reputation, ruin business relationships, and can negatively impact the staff’s productivity.  AP Automation will drastically reduce the risks of fraud.  It will control the information that is processed.  The system will keep track of the information and keep your company safe.

Early Pay Discounts

Information automatically processed will save days or weeks of time, compared to manually processing the invoices.  The automation will enter information on invoices, get it approved, and then process it within a short time span.  This will make early pay discounts recurrent.

Instant Information

Information from invoices are recorded and kept in the AP system.  Any employee can get access to the information on the invoice when they need it.  They can simply look it up by searching the date of the invoice or a keyword.  This allows quick and easy access to data.  The system can also establish if the invoice was already received and worked on, so employees aren’t working on the same invoice.

Increased Productivity

Thanks to automation for taking care of invoice information, AP clerks can spend more of their time doing other tasks that are needed.  They will have less paperwork, and more time to analyze the data and come up with solutions and decisions that will benefit the company.  Automation will improve efficiency at your workplace.

AP Automation will do the robotic work for your employees and allow them to focus on the important jobs at hand. To make the change to automation or for more information, contact us today.