Keep Your Staff Around

Employees are an important part of a business.  Training employees is time consuming and can be expensive.  It is important to hire the right kinds of employees: people that will benefit the company and stick around.  If you can keep employees happy, they will be more productive.  The longer they are at your company, the more valuable they are.  Through the years they will become more educated and be able to handle more responsibilities.

Showing employees that you appreciate their work, or take the time to review their work will show that you care.  Employees like to know that they are appreciated and that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. When they feel appreciated they will normally work harder.  However, there is a fine line between being encouraging and micromanaging. Don’t hover over your employees.  They need some space to feel independent.  Employees will put in more effort and stay at the company longer if the company offers career advancement.  A promotion or new position or tasks offers new opportunities.  Skill training or the ability for employees to be able to further their education will keep employees around because they have the chance to better themselves.  Also, managers: Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for help with a project.  You asking your employees for help will show that they are valuable, and it gives them a chance to learn how to do more.

Good working relationships make workers more comfortable in the office and more confident with their work.  Having co-workers and managers there who support you and want the best from you will make you want to say.  The way employees interact with each other will either benefit or detriment the workforce.  Going to work and being surrounded by people that you like will make you want to stay at your job.

If your company has a little bit of extra money in the budget, throw a pizza party, or give employees free coffee.  These small treats will liven up employees.  Paid vacation time or benefits will also refrain employees from leaving so quickly.  Keeping customers happy is the key for making the employees stay at the company.  It is always important to treat them with respect and to show them every once and a while that they are one of the reasons for the company’s success.

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