The Importance of Successful Working Relationships

Employees who have a good relationship with their co-workers and managers will be more engaged in their work performance.  A good working relationship does not mean being best friends with everyone in the office.  It means getting along with the people you work with, and working well with them.  A good working relationship means you feel comfortable going up to your supervisor or a co-worker and asking them a question on the project you are working on.  Not only will employees’ productivity increase, but they will be happier.  These factors will benefit the company.  It is important for everyone in the office to have a successful working relationship.  You don’t want anyone to feel left out because that would negatively would most definitely affect their work.

Better communication results from a successful working relationship.  With more communication, new ideas can be implemented. You will be able to see hear other people’s ideas which will allow the quality of the work to improve.  In order to develop these relationships, employees need to listen to one another.  However, it is still important to stay focused on your individual tasks.  Not everything is a group project.  Your co-workers are there for help along the way, but not to do everything for you.  There needs to be a balance.  It is also important to stay professional in the office.  A successful working relationship doesn’t mean taking time to gossip with the girl who sits next to you.

Sometimes, there will be co-workers that you don’t get along with due to different work ethics or personalities.    Make sure you give them a chance.  Try to get to know them.  If you still don’t like them that is okay.  You don’t have to like everyone you work with.  Remember to be polite to them and professional.  Your paths will cross sometimes in the workplace.  Keep a positive attitude and focus on the goals you two have to accomplish.  You two may end up working well together, even if you’re not friends.

Good working relationships are beneficial at a company.  Employees will be more engaged, productive, and happy.  Happy workers are ideal.  If you are new to a company, don’t worry if you aren’t close with anyone yet.  Try to make small talk with co-workers, and remember:  Relationships will grow stronger as time goes on.