Unleash the Power of Your Data with Document Scanning

Companies are inundated with more data than ever before. With data volumes increasing, your company needs a solution that will capture data so that it is scalable, retrievable and useable. One way to capture data and optimize your data retrieval is through Document Scanning. Document Scanning allows for data to be moved from printed pages to electronic pages, taking your office from manual data entry to a streamlined, digital process. Moreover, you will increase the mobility of your data, allowing your team and any authorized employee to view documents from any designated device.

How it Works: When your documents are scanned and digitally converted, data and information are extracted from each document. Data Capture allows for easy retrieval, with search and indexing features. This data is then stored in the cloud or digital content repository. Once scanned and stored, your team will be able to instantly access and retrieve your documents.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to the process where documents are captured and digitally converted into searchable text that you can edit. OCR is primarily used to read machine-generated documents, with typed or printed text. The technology reads brightness and text font of these documents, recognizing characters with utmost accuracy. OCR is a perfect solution for companies that need information from paper documents and PDF files. When your documents are scanned OCR will seamlessly capture every word and number, so that your team can easily obtain data.

Garner Insights and Make Smarter Decisions: If your office is still paper-based, you are not leveraging your data correctly. Paper documents often lead to manual data entry errors, resulting in  inaccurate information and greater problems downstream. It is crucial for your team to be equipped with accurate data so that you can make smart, well-informed business decision. Data Capture through Document Scanning will provide your team with accurate data, helping your company to discover new markets, customer insights, find patterns, and other critical information.

The Earlier the Better: Scanning documents early in the chain allows for more productive lines of business. Early scanning will ensure that your data is accessible and retrievable for employees, making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Scanning is Just the Beginning: Electronic data will open the door for your company to discover and implement additional industry trends. Such trends include robotics, data mining and business analytics. These industry solutions will further enhance your data, and streamline your data processes.

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