Document Scanning is the First Step in the Digital Transformation Process


Document volumes often grow at such a fast rate, that companies can’t keep up. Paper-based, manual processes are inefficient and can lead to errors, workflow bottlenecks and low productivity. Many companies dream of digital transformation, but are unsure of where to start. While once a pipedream, there are a number of cutting-edge solutions that will transform your company into a paper-free office. The digital transformation process begins with Document Scanning. Document Scanning will digitize your documents, so that they are instantly retrievable and always accessible. Once your documents are scanned, there are a number of additional solutions your company can use to further leverage your data. Here are a few:

Mobile Scanning and Capture: Mobile Capture allows employees to harness scanning power on the go. This is the perfect solution for companies who want their documents scanned and in the workflow as soon as possible. Employees can instantly scan, extract and validate documents from any designated scanning device. Mobile Scanning will accelerate processes and increase data accuracy.

Integrations: Once your documents are scanned, they can be integrated into your current software. Integrations can create one-click, or even no-click, information sharing to and from your document management system.  If you are unhappy with your existing software, InStream can provide you with a software solutions that is tailored to your specific workflow requirements. Databases can be used to automate the population of data fields.

Data Analytics and Insights: In paper-based offices, document retrieval is a time consuming and frustrating process. It is doubly frustrating when you need to track down a paper document while on a deadline, or when you are faced with having to pull data from a paper document. Document Scanning will provide your team with scalable, valuable data. With this data, your team will be able to discover insights so you can make smarter decisions and strengthen business strategy.

Business Process Automation: Document Scanning will have a positive impact on your overall business processes and work cycles. Once scanned, documents can be instantly retrieved and routed, eliminating delivery delays and reducing turnaround times. Instantly route data and information to stakeholders. Employees will always be equipped with pertinent information to complete tasks and projects. Collaboration will increase, with quick document access.

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