Workflow Management and Automation 101

Written by Zoë Deshong, Marketing Intern

You have probably come across the buzzword “workflow” in articles online or heard it used conversationally in the business world — but you still might be unsure of the word’s true definition. So, what does workflow truly mean and why should you and your company be focusing on it?

The definition of a workflow may actually be much simpler than you think it is. In layman’s terms, a workflow is a set of business activities, organized from start to finish. You most likely have been using workflows every day at work or at home without even realizing you are!

Technology has made working with workflows much simpler. Due to the repetition of many daily business tasks, it can be very helpful to use workflow processing software to manage your company’s workflows, instead of doing it manually using a paper-based system. Workflow management systems can save your company time and money and keep processes organized meticulously. You also don’t have to worry about the potential human error as everything is done automatically using the software!

Another great positive attribute of workflow automation is the fact that it facilitates communication and teamwork amongst everyone involved in the workflow process. By using a workflow management system, you can easily allocate tasks and ensure they are done on time and in the right order.

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