Backfile and Day-to-Day Scanning: The 6 Step Process

Take Control of your Documents with Backfile and Day-to-Day Scanning

The difference between Backfile and Day-to-Day scanning is mainly a difference of opportunity. When you utilize backfile scanning, you are taking thousands of paper documents that you have been storing for months or even years, and you are scanning them for workflow, storage, or both. When you scan Day-to-Day, you are scanning each document as it comes in to use it for outsourcing opportunities like data capture or workflow.

Backfile scanning can ultimately be seen as a process that has an end goal of eventually scanning all files on a Day-to-Day basis. Though it may seem intimidating to begin the process of scanning and indexing thousands of documents that have been neglected, InStream can make that process painless.

Experienced providers at InStream will consult with you through training your staff for on-site scanning or take over the task completely.

What is the Scanning Process?

Our six-step scanning process is both efficient and thorough, ensuring that the document images are of the best quality:

Document Pick Up

Your files are picked up from your location by Instream’s logistic team and brought to our secure facilities. All Instream employees are under a confidentiality agreement, which means that your information has never been safer.

Labeling and Storage

Your files are tagged with your name, your company name, and the shop order so that we can track the conversion progress from stage to stage. The files are then entered into a conversion schedule and stored in the Records Room.

Document Preparation

Our document prep specialists remove staples, paper clips, folds, or any other flaws. We insert barcode targets for indexing later in the process, and we then orient the pages correctly and align them with the scanner edge.


At Instream, we use the newest scanning technology to give you the crispest, clear images we can. Our scanners scan at a rate of 200 pages per minute, scanning the front and back of the sheets at the same time, and blank pages are deleted automatically. As the documents are scanned, the barcode is inserted in the last step, and Optical Character Recognition technology index records as they are scanned. Our scanner operators view every scanned image on a separate monitor to ensure that there are no processing errors.

Digital Quality Control

To give you the best result, we always check what has been scanned. We use unique software that was made to inspect large numbers of documents quickly and thoroughly. Any images that show folds, poor quality, or any flaws are detected and flagged to be manually compared to the original, and if need be, they are rescanned.

Digital Post Processing

We put the finishing touches on the images, whether they need to be rotated, or indexed manually. Any database manipulation or file formatting is also done at this stage. When this is done, the files are ready to be put into your workflow!

The Transformation of Paper Documents to Digital Just Got Even Easier. Get Started with InStream today!

Digital Is the Future! Automate Processes to Increase Productivity.

Converting your paper files to digital files is the best way to take advantage of all that Instream offers. Once the backfile scanning is done, we can also assist you in the process of Day-to-Day scanning by receiving all of your paper files as they come and scanning them automatically- they spend as little time in a paper format as possible. Day-to-Day scanning opens up all kinds of possibilities for improving your business. When your documents are in digital form, they can be accessed by more than one person at a time, you save costs on paper and printing, and you can even apply rules to help maintain document compliance. All of this can be accomplished while still maintaining the highest document security and integrity. All of those old boxed files in your office that need to be backfile scanned present an incredible opportunity for your company to streamline your processes and stand out among the competition.

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