Best Practices for Scanning Sensitive Documents

Is Scanning Sensitive Documents Safe?

No matter what industry your business is in, it’s likely that sensitive documents are a part of your processes. If you are in the healthcare or government industries, you probably handle many more sensitive files than other industries. You might have reservations about digitizing these records for fear that they will be exposed, but the reality is that your documents are far safer being stored digitally than they are being stored in a filing cabinet or box in your office. InStream also makes sure that the scanning process itself is airtight, giving you the best and most secure experience for scanning sensitive documents.


InStream’s Document Conversion Scanning is the 2021 solution that will transform your paper-clogged office into a streamlined and efficient modern workforce.

What Are The Risks With Paper Storage?

There are countless risks associated with onsite paper storage. A confidential record may be left on a desk to be seen by any employee, and even a locked filing cabinet is not completely safe from theft. Putting aside human risks, storing paper documents onsite leaves important records vulnerable to fire, floods, or other natural disasters. No matter the type of record, exposure could harm your client and customer security, as well as your business’s own security and reputation.

The Scanning Process

Beginning with the scanning process itself, we make it our goal to have as few human eyes on your paper files as possible. Every InStream employee, from those who pick up your documents to those who scan them, are under a strict confidentiality agreement. Better still, our extensive use of OCR and ICR to extract data from documents means that even our employees don’t see much of your files. Before your files are scanned, they are stored in our records room, which is made of concrete walls and ceilings and locked behind a steel door.

The Options for Data Protection

When your documents have been scanned, an amazing software option designed for sensitive documents is ImageSilo. ImageSilo is a cloud-based document management system that allows all of your documents to be scanned into the digital cloud, meaning that they can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access. With five layers of security, your documents can only be accessed by those who have explicit permission. Your information is encrypted as it is stored, and ImageSilo even allows you to keep track of who has accessed what document, and when.

If you want to capture and scan your files at the start, the Virtual Mailroom is the perfect feature for your business. We receive all of the mail that your business would normally receive, and we immediately scan and process it so that it spends as little time in paper form as possible, increasing the document’s security. Besides inbound processes like receiving, scanning, and indexing, we also offer outbound services like bulk printing and mailing. Even if your company is under strict compliance rules that would prevent off-site scanning, onsite scanning is always an option.



With Virtual Mailroom you can be free to redirect your resources to focus on your core competencies.

InStream Will Protect Your Documents

Scanning your sensitive files with InStream gives you both security and accessibility. From the beginning of the scanning process to the end, InStream will ensure that your information is the most secure it has ever been. Digitizing your records eliminates the possibility of a private file being seen on a desk, or taken from a filing cabinet and gives you more control over access and accessibility than ever before. Lockdown your company’s document security with InStream today.

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