How To Choose The Right Character Recognition Solution

Character Recognition Solutions Streamline Efficiency

Recent technology advancements have improved data recognition, yet many offices rely on manual entry and sorting processes. Advanced Data Capture is a comprehensive solution that reduces expenses and hassle while streamlining your data extraction processes. This solution will classify, sort, index, and tag your data to create a searchable function and reduce the possibility of errors.


Advanced Data Capture will organize and maintain data, strengthening your company’s business intelligence.

What’s the Difference Between OCR and ICR?

OCR and ICR are essential components of Advanced Data Capture that digitally capture images and text. Both technologies provide companies with enhanced images and critical business information. What are the differences between OCR and ICR, and how do these differences pertain to your documents? What level of data capture is best for your company? Here is a quick breakdown of the differences:

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to the process where documents are captured and digitally converted into searchable text that you can edit. OCR is primarily used to read machine-generated documents with typed or printed text. The technology reads the brightness and text font of these documents, recognizing characters with utmost accuracy. OCR is a perfect solution for companies that need information from paper documents and PDF files and is great for translating longer documents. For example, if you need to pull quotes from a document for another project, OCR will allow you to easily search, retrieve and extract text.

Intelligent Character Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) takes OCR a step further with more intensive character recognition. While OCR mainly encompasses machine-printed characters, ICR can recognize handwritten text and translate them into searchable files. Like OCR, ICR scans reviews and translates the text. ICR is a compatible solution for offices with many checks, timesheets, and other handwritten documents.

Learn more about OCR and the possibilities for your workflows with data conversion.

How Do I Decide The Best Solution?

Both character recognition methods transform your file archives into searchable documents. Searchable text streamlines the document retrieval process, improving document quality for future use. Your office will gain improved image quality and data results, saving your company time and money. Your team will be equipped with faster, accurate data. You can instantly extract data and information needed for project completion, accelerating your workflow processes. Both character recognition platforms will scan your documents for easy editing and sharing with colleagues. Improved processing accuracy and image quality will eliminate the time-consuming task of correcting costly entry errors. This renewed accuracy will significantly improve operational efficiency in your office.

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