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Advanced Data Capture With InStream

Offices are bombarded with a constant inflow of raw, unstructured data. As a result, companies everywhere are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing data volumes. While “big data” continues to grow, most companies aren’t leveraging all their data to garner insights and better strategize. Manual data entry is a time-consuming hassle that sometimes results in costly data entry errors. Your company needs a solution that extracts, organizes and simplifies data, so your team can always be equipped with correct information.

Make better-informed business decisions with Advanced Data Capture. InStream’s intelligent capture technology will automatically extract relevant data from your documents and then migrate that vital information directly into your workflow systems.

Benefits of Data Capture

Advanced Data Capture will organize and maintain data, strengthening your company’s business intelligence. While manual data entry is a laborious task, Advanced Data Capture will automate the data mining process, eliminating the costly threat of data entry errors. Ensure that your team is always equipped with accurate, reliable data so you can better strategize.

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Optimizing Your Data

In today’s business world, it is important to make sure that your data is working for you, and not the other way around. In paper-based offices, employees can waste hours on manual data entry and mining. How can your company leverage data for analysis and insights, so you can make smarter business decisions? Advanced Data Capture will revamp workflow efficiency, providing your team with instant data access. InStream will automate manual data processes, accelerating overall workflow. Special tools, like character recognition, will ensure that your company is getting the most from your data.

Document Scanning and Data Capture

Once you’ve scanned your documents, the real fun begins. With data capture, you’ll unleash the power of your data to improve your business intelligence, enhance efficiency, and generally enjoy a more streamlined, effective suite of business processes.

The Power of Golden Records

In offices where documents are frequently passed around, it can be easy for files to become needlessly duplicated. Duplicate files make it difficult to determine original documents, as duplicate files are often edited. Having multiple versions of a single document can lead to confusion and disarray. Therefore, it is best to get in the habit of creating and maintaining “Golden Records.” Advanced Data Capture will prevent continuous duplication, so your company preserves “Golden Records.”


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Industry and Department-Specific Data Capture Solutions

InStream understands that each company is going to have different data processing requirements. We will work directly with your team to design and build a custom Advanced Data Capture solution that enhances your workflow.

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