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This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

HR Document Management needs will vary from company to company, based on different factors like company size, data volumes and number of employees. Before deciding on an HR solution, it is crucial to gage the workflows and data volumes of your department. How many employees does your company have? What are some current HR bottlenecks? What processes need to be completed faster?

If your department is paper-based, then you are probably not making the most of your data. In order to improve decision making and optimize workflow, it is imperative for your department to be constantly prepared with real time data and information. Paper documents are time-consuming, with many employees devoted to processing and filing. Your HR employees should be focused on higher-value tasks, not pushing paper. Most importantly, your HR department should be focused on employees, not paperwork. Your team needs a solution, that will harness smart, accurate data allowing you to make more strategic HR decisions.

One way to gather the best data is through Document Conversion. With Document Conversion, your HR files are scanned and entered into a digital content repository. From there, Advanced Data Capture will allow your team to instantly search and pull data from any HR document. Document Conversion will increase the value of your data with instant accessibility and easy searching. Your team won’t have to waste hours sifting through file cabinets in search of specific information.  HR records will be indexed and organized, streamlining efficiency. Moreover, your department will always be equipped and prepared with accurate data. One main benefit of Document Conversion is that it provides your department with greater control over your processes, fostering faster, smarter decision making.

We know that each HR department has unique process requirements and workflow needs. From small businesses to enterprise organizations, your needs will be specific and different from other companies. InStream can design a custom solution that is built around your specific needs and requirements. Perhaps all your department needs is to develop some electronic forms? We can do it. Maybe you need a full-blown workflow solution with airtight security and ad hoc reporting? We can also do that. Additionally, your department may opt to scan all HR backfiles at once, or to scan documents incrementally whenever the need arises. InStream will scan HR files on your company’s chosen time-frame.

InStream’s HR solutions include:

  • Document Conversion and Backfile Scanning
  • eForms
  • Workflow Solutions

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