Visibility and Transparency Breed Success

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

Data access is valuable to any company. For HR offices, easy access to data is doubly important, as data is crucial in ensuring transparency and informed decision making. With so many documents and regulations, data is getting increasingly larger. The more information your HR department has, the more strategic your decision making has to be. Therefore, it is important for your HR team to harness control over data. Automating routine HR process creates momentum for your entire company, equipping employees with the data and information they need to successfully complete processes and streamline workflow.

Track Documents: Digital documents are far easier to manage than traditional paper documents, and it is very difficult to maintain transparency, when there are paper documents strewn across the office. Digital documents will increase visibility, as you will always know where documents are located. Once digital documents are placed in a repository, you can track document access, routing, and form approvals. This increased visibility will make it easier to achieve compliance, while also ensuring that internal company policies are maintained.

Accelerate Processes: In paper-based offices, it can be difficult for standard HR processes to be completed in a timely manner. Routine processes like recruiting, hiring, evaluations and onboarding require a lot of essential documents, and can involve multiple employees. Manual document routing can sometimes take days, as it can seemingly take forever for employees to sign-off on documents that need approval. Document conversion will accelerate HR processes, with instant document access and retrieval. Digital documents can be instantly routed to recipients, leading to faster signatures and approvals, while improving overall communication. Managers and other employees can receive alerts regarding document approval status. Your team can speed up the onboarding process, by automatically entering new employee documents into your workflow.

Track Progress: Some HR processes are long, and it is crucial for HR managers to follow-through with these processes to ensure that they are completed. Progress is difficult to track when dealing with paper documents. HR employees may not know where certain documents are located, and paper document retrieval is a time-consuming hassle. Document conversion will increase the visibility of your process with instant access to data and documents. Constant access to real-time data will allow for smarter strategic planning and informed decision making. Your team will always have process visibility, letting you know what tasks need to be completed for deadlines.

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