Time is Money: Increase HR Efficiency with Automated Workflow Processing

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To ensure compliance and employee satisfaction, it is crucial for HR departments to complete functions on time. Delayed process completion often results in slower turnaround times and general inefficiency. A single personnel file can contain up to 50 documents. Also, the larger your company is, the more HR documents your team has to process. With so many sensitive documents in the mix, HR managers are constantly faced with liabilities and noncompliance threats.   

It is difficult to be efficient when your HR workflow is paper-based. Paper documents slow down any task, as it takes longer to retrieve and route documents, and receive approvals, when documents exist in paper form. Lost and misfiled documents also lead to process delays and hefty noncompliance fees. Therefore, paper is no longer a viable document format for HR departments.

Eliminating paper will help your team to streamline redundant, administrative processes that are time-consuming, but essential functions nonetheless. Time is money, and digital documents will free your HR staff from having to push paper. Your department will see an immediate ROI with the amount of time you will save. Easy access to documents will give you the ability to quickly respond to employee requests. Turnaround times will greatly decrease with a purely digital workflow.

Automatic and Secure File Routing: In paper-based offices document routing can be a hassle. HR managers also need to ensure document security when routing documents to managers and employees throughout the office. When you digitally convert your HR files, documents can then be automatically routed to any authorized recipient. You can also track documents throughout your workflow, from creation and edits to approval.Your team will be equipped with greater transparency and document visibility, as you will alway be able to track document access. Digital documents will securely move through your workflow with ease.

Instant Document Retrieval: There’s nothing more frustrating than when HR staff has to waste hours going through file cabinets trying to retrieve files. With digital documents, document retrieval is as easy as a click of a button. So instead of having to depend on space-consuming file cabinets for storage, all HR files will be at your fingertips. Instant retrieval will slash turnaround times and revamp productivity, as staff will be free to direct their focus towards more important projects.

Revamped Onboarding: Onboarding is a critical HR function that involves a LOT of documents. In paper-based offices it takes a long time to retrieve, assemble and route onboarding files, which needlessly delays the process for new hires.  Digital documents will provide your team with an efficient workflow solution, that streamlines and accelerates the onboarding process. When onboarding a new employee, HR managers will be able to instantly receive and assemble all document necessary for the onboarding process.

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