The Right Person at the Right Time (And No One Else): Automating HR Records

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

Your department workflows end up dictating document access. For example, if a personnel document requires an approval or signature, that employee will then require access to the file. HR departments are filled with confidential information, which can be a major liability if not managed efficiently. Increasing government regulations have resulted in stricter document processing, and HR managers need to be on their toes with regards to protecting employee confidentiality. Since many HR files are sensitive, it can be stressful in instances of document routing and granting access. While approval should be a requirement for all HR document access, this is difficult to control when manually processing paper files, as paper documents can easily “grow legs” and move across the office unprotected. How can your team better control document access?

Some HR files involve different levels of protection. Office managers and employees may require varying degrees of document access, to different types of records. For some records, you may want to grant access but prevent sharing or editing. In other instances, including employee evaluations and projects, multiple employees may request access to HR files. Your department needs a solution that increases document access, with custom security measures to safeguard confidentiality.

InStream will provide you company with efficient, secure access to HR documents. We will design a custom HR solution that is tailored to your specific workflow and access needs. Your solution will contain automated rules that are set in place to ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to files, at the specific time required. HR managers will be able to implement controls that strictly govern document access, mitigating risk while streamlining workflow. Digital files are much easier to control in office environments where HR files are distributed. So perhaps there’s a situation in which an admin can view a file at one stage, before more confidential information is filled in, but by the time the final file has finished its routing is is encrypted and only accessible by C level executives.

This robust security means that your department can spend less time chasing after paper documents, so you can redirect focus towards maximizing employee productivity. Faster document access will result in accelerated processes, leading to improved efficiency for your department and company.

Some benefits of HR Automation include:

  • Streamlined HR workflow
  • Improve document  security
  • Custom security features that
  • Audit trails that track access and workflow progress
  • Features that establish retention

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