HR Document Management Resource Guide

Streamline Your HR Workflow With InStream

The Human Resources department is the cornerstone of any office, responsible for ensuring company efficiency and employee productivity. It’s also the place where all new employees are introduced to the company. Onboarding, employee evaluations and credentialing are just a few of the many processes regularly performed by Human Resources departments. HR is also burdened with having to process and maintain an array of personnel files, ranging from applications to tax forms.

With so many confidential personnel files, your department needs a records management solution that ensures document security and adheres to increasing compliance standards. In paper-based offices, where documents aren’t centralized, employees have little control over workflow. Your office needs to be equipped with information management tools that will help your team to maintain control and visibility over your HR forms.

HR Document Conversion

Everything gets better when you digitize your documents. Document scanning will enable electronic workflows, eliminating manual filing, and routing. By removing paper from your workflow, your company’s HR processes will improve with quick, secure access to documents. Improve security with password authorization and encryption.

10 Essential Questions for HR Efficiency HR Data Capture

Manual data entry is a time-consuming process that is prone to error. Data Capture technology will eliminate paper from the equation. With Data Capture, your company data will be automatically extracted from HR documents, increasing data accuracy for smarter decision making. eForms and mobile capture technology will streamline data mining processes, instantly routing data into your workflow, making data scalable and accessible.

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Benefits of HR Document Management Solutions

Enhanced Security

More than any other office department, HR offices are held to strict compliance standards and document confidentiality requirements.  Compliance is very difficult to achieve in HR offices where paper is the norm. With so many confidential documents involved in HR, it can be a struggle to maintain security, especially when processing paper documents. InStream will design a solution that encompasses your department’s security needs. We will include features such as authorization, encryption, access tracking and secure routing.

Automated Workflows

HR is the “employee capital” of the office, and is responsible for a wide range of personnel processes including hiring, evaluations and onboarding. HR processes typically involve multiple employees, as certain documents require routing for signatures and approval. It’s nearly impossible to ensure task completion with manual processes. Delayed document routing often leads to process delays and general disarray. InStream will build a solution that automates your company’s HR processes, streamlining workflow and accelerating task completion.

Business Intelligence

Smart decision making begins with accurate, comprehensive data. With so much employee data in the mix, even the most granular HR business intelligence can be useful in driving better process results. Your department needs to make sure that you are getting the most from your data. Increased business intelligence will aid in stronger analysis and reporting. Accelerate your HR processes with instant information and faster decision making.

Completely Customizable

We understand that every HR department has unique workflow needs. Some HR documents need to be routed and shared, while others require strict confidentiality in compliance with regulations. With so many different rules and standards, your team needs an HR workflow solution that is custom built with your process needs in mind. InStream will design a solution that incorporates your department’s routing needs, security standards, retention processes and business practices.

Specific Applications of HR Document Management

HR Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most essential HR processes. It also involves the most documents.

The onboarding process is when employees are trained, and adjusted with company processes and policies. Efficient HR onboarding is vital to any company, as the onboarding process signals the beginning of the employee-company relationship. Your department’s onboarding process is crucial towards fostering employee productivity and company success. Documentation for new employees needs to be both secure and accessible. InStream’s HR solutions will accelerate the onboarding process, so new employees can be brought “on board” in a timely and efficient manner.


Many industries have strict credentialing needs for new employees. CPA firms, law firms, schools and healthcare offices all require credentials, to verify that new employees possess the prerequisites required for the position. Credentialing can be a lengthy process involving lots of documents including, licensing, continuing education requirements, certificates, dues, etc. InStream will automate the credentialing process, ensuring compliance, while eliminating the threat of litigation.

HR Management

It’s no secret that HR departments are overwhelmed with documents. Constant influxes of paperwork, combined with increasing tasks and responsibilities can make HR document management difficult. InStream’s automated HR solutions will eliminate any existing bottlenecks that hinder efficiency. HR automation will ensure that tasks are completed on time. Your team will be empowered with greater process control with digital documents, status tracking, and instant routing.