Electronic Forms – Instant Access to Critical Information

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

In paper-laden HR departments, document retrieval is often a laborious, time-consuming process involving a significant amount of company time and resources. Once paper documents are retrieved, they have to be manually delivered to recipients which can take days. Paper-based HR processes hinder productivity, cause workflow bottlenecks and increase expenses.

Paper document processing is a hassle involving retrieval, routing, verification, filing and maintenance. Furthermore, for larger companies, paper processing is is even more of a hassle. Human Resources offices face countless compliance and regulatory standards, and failure to meet those standards could potentially result in costly non-compliance fees. Your HR office needs a solution that provides your employees with streamlined process efficiency.

Electronic Forms, also known as eForms, are a revolutionary document management tool, transforming HR offices from paper-plagued to paper-free. Certain HR processes like onboarding and evaluations involve multiple departments, requiring documents be routed to multiple employees. When paper documents are routed to others for approval, they can get delayed or lost in the shuffle. eForms will keep all employees on the same page, increasing communication and fostering collaboration. Since eForms exist in a digital format, they can be tracked as they are securely routed to authorized recipients.

eForms are also much easier to track and retrieve than physical paper files. You will always know the location of your eForms, within your electronic content management system. Your employees will no longer have to waste hours sifting through file cabinets. With eForms, files can be completed faster, electronically signed, and immediately be entered into your workflow.

Once your files are digitally converted into eForms, your files will be instantly migrated into your HR workflow, where they will become easily searchable and retrievable. Your company’s HR processes will be streamlined, with faster approvals and reduced cycle times. Employees will no longer have to frantically search file cabinets for paper files, or worry about non-compliance. Processes like onboarding, terminations and evaluations can be streamlined with instant document access and routing. eForms will ensure that files are complete, accurate and verified, eliminating incomplete information.

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