Everything Starts with This Question: How Can Your HR Processes Be Better?

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

HR departments are tasked with maintaining a high-volume of documents, while also performing administrative and compliance-related tasks. In recent years, HR responsibilities have expanded to include other business functions and data retrieval. Whether it’s personnel files, resumes, payroll or contracts, HR offices are drowning in documents. Moreover, traditional paper documents are difficult to store, update and share. Since HR departments are the cornerstone of the office, in order to improve your company practices, you have to start with the HR department. Every new office employee starts with HR, so it is important for companies to maintain efficient HR processes.

HR efficiency begins with Document Conversion through Document Scanning. Document Conversion will streamline time-consuming processes, saving your employees time while expediting processes like hiring and evaluations.  Improved HR processes will lead to revamped efficiency and greater employee satisfaction. Companies and business leaders are constantly looking for ways to boost productivity, however HR bottlenecks tend to hinder progress. How can your company HR processes be better?

Can Your Team Easily Retrieve Information?: In paper-based HR departments, employees can waste a significant amount of time searching for documents. Time wasted on document retrieval can be better spent serving company employees and faster process completion. Document Conversion will enter all HR documents into a digital repository, so documents will be central and instantly retrievable.

How accessible are your HR documents?:Document Conversion provides employees with greater access to HR services. Employees can instantly put in for requests, eliminating paper from the process. Increased document accessibility to lead to improved communication in the office.

How long does it take to route documents?: Document routing delays are some of the biggest bottlenecks in HR workflow. Many HR processes require document approval and signatures, which can take a long time in paper-based offices.

Are processes completed on time?:In order for any company to run efficiently, it is essential for HR processes to be completed in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in longer work cycles and task delays. Document Conversion with InStream will speed up HR processes, accelerating workcycles so tasks can be completed faster.

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