How Many Filing Cabinets Do You Have? Backfile Scanning for HR

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The entire office ecosystem depends on HR to be efficient and timely. Manual, paper-based HR processes are largely inefficient, often leading to errors and delays. In order to ensure office efficiency, HR departments need to continuously be at the top of their game, delivering fast information, while maintaining personnel data. The last thing your HR department needs, is to be buried under mountains of paper documents.

HR departments are responsible for creating and maintaining a large number of personnel- related files. Typically, for each employee within a company, there could be up to 100 paper documents. Paper documents are costly to maintain and store, requiring both employee labor and company resources. HR departments are notorious for having to deal with a high volume of paper documents, as employee records are constantly being generated. Therefore, HR employees need a solution that will streamline HR processes and improve productivity.

Just a few of the many types of HR documents include:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Applications
  • Expense Reports
  • Resumes/CV
  • Contracts
  • Union Agreements

Backfile Scanning for HR is a document management solution that will scan and digitize your HR files. Once digitized, HR files will be entered into a digital workflow. InStream can either integrate your files into your current workflow, or design a custom digital software for your company. The benefits of HR document conversion are widespread and long-lasting. Your company will save time and money. Employees will no longer be tasked with having to manually process paper files. You will also be able to get rid of file cabinets and regain much-needed office space. With digital HR files, you will empower your organization with increased document access, streamlined workflow and faster processing.

Processes and procedures vastly improve when your office digitized HR records, providing your company with revamped efficiency and cost savings. Your team can effortlessly retrieve and update documents allowing you to support corporate policies and achieve compliance. Once digitized, your procedure completion times will improve, as employees can be immediately notified of updates, rather than having to wait for documents to be routed. Increased document access will make your files organized, compliant and ready for any audits.


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The Backfile Scanning Infographic