Credentialing: An Overview

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Credentialing is the process of reviewing and verifying the qualifications of potential hires. When conducting background checks and processing the credentials of new hires, HR managers have to review a variety of different documents to verify the identity and experience of a job candidate. Many industries have strict credential requirements,  as credentialing is prevalent in the healthcare industry, CPA firms, law firms and schools to name a few. These industries have very specific position needs, often requiring special licensing, certifications and dues. In some instances, credentialing is a legally required process.

When verifying credentials, companies want to ensure that they are hiring the best employees, who have the qualifications needed to effectively perform a role. Consistent credentialing, along with background checks, reduces liability for companies by ensuring top-notch talent.  Additionally, your company may want to verify past employment and education of new employees. Therefore, the credentialing process typically involves a lot of documentation. In paper-based HR offices, credentialing can be a long, arduous process involving mountains of paperwork.

InStream’s HR onboarding will ensure that credential documents are digitally collected and processed in an efficient manner. Documents can be scanned as soon as they arrive, so your team can instantly route to authorized recipients, or store them for later use. Electronic audit trails will notify you of any document modifications or additions.

Through InStream’s Document Conversion, all credential documents will be available electronically. Digitized documents will accelerate the credentialing process, by increasing document accessibility with instant retrieval. InStream’s HR onboarding will ensure that credentials are collected and securely stored. This automated workflow will lead to faster onboarding, streamlined processing and increased productivity.


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