People Make Mistakes, Automated Workflows Do Not

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Any office employee knows that no one’s perfect and human error is occasionally expected.Though for HR departments, who deal with a high volume of sensitive information, human errors can be particularly damaging. Most HR files contain sensitive information, ranging from social security numbers to salary information. It is imperative for HR managers to ensure that personnel data remains confidential, but the possibility of human error puts confidentiality at risk. An occasional error might not be devastating, however too many errors can lead to misinformation resulting in poor decision making. Since human error is unavoidable, it is important for HR managers to foster an efficient workflow that minimizes the possibility of human error.

One way to reduce errors is through Automated HR Workflows. Paper-based HR processes leave plenty of room for human error and noncompliance. When employees are burdened with having to manually process HR paper files, sensitive documents can easily become misfiled, lost or end up in the wrong hands. Lost documents can quickly add up in paper-based offices resulting in hefty noncompliance fees. eForms will eliminate the risks associated with paper documents.

In an Automated HR Workflow, all digital files will be stored in a centralized, digital location increasing access with instant retrieval. Once digitized, your team can implement a number of different security settings to maintain document safety. Passwords, encryption and tracking can all be used to prevent your documents from ending up in the wrong hands. Additionally, government regulations require that specific HR files be retained for a set amount of time. eForms will enable your team to set document retention times, making sure that your files are compliant.

Some of the most common errors made by HR departments are incomplete documents and unfinished processes. eForms , by streamlining HR workflow will ensure that your documents are always completed.. Your team will be able to track workflow progress, and check on documents that require approvals and signatures. This increased visibility will enable your team to accelerate processes, ensuring efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Another contributor to human error occurs with manual data entry. Data Capture will eliminate the errors that occur with manual data entry. Instead of having employees manually enter data, data is digitally extracted directly from the source through document scanning. Data Capture ensures accurate data that will aid in better-informed decision making. Moreover, Data Capture will increase the accessibility and searchability of your data, so that information is always at your fingertips.

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