Optimize Information Flow to Maximize HR Workflow

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

With so many employees to handle, HR workflow pipelines can sometimes become clogged with inaccurate data and incomplete forms. In order to provide the best processes for company employees, it is essential for HR staff to have quick, easy access to data.  With so many applications, reports and evaluations, there is a constant inflow of data and information, that HR offices should be harnessing to improve personnel processes and increase productivity. You might be wondering: “How can my department optimize information flow?”

One such solution is through Data Capture. Data Capture digitally extracts data and information from files, so that it is scalable and searchable. Once data is captured, HR staff will no longer have to sift through paper files looking for specific numbers or information. Your department will always be prepared with instant access to employee data. Furthermore, your team will be able to optimize information inflow, gaining increased visibility and control over your HR processes.

With Data Capture, your team will be empowered with information to:

  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Provide your team with clear goals and objectives
  • Define department rules and policies
  • Catch problems before they occur

Data Capture will allow your department to automate a wide variety of personnel processes including hiring, termination, onboarding and employee evaluations. Moreover, Data Capture helps to ensure that your department is always equipped with accurate data, speeding up routine processes, while eliminating costly errors associated with manual data entry.

Data Capture is especially beneficial for companies with multiple office locations, or for larger companies with many departments. Quick and easy access to accurate, relevant data will empower your team to complete processes faster and eliminate lag times. When manual processes are automated with Data Capture, HR employees will be free to redirect their focus towards higher-value projects, strengthening the department.

A few benefits of Data Capture for HR include:

  • Ensure accurate HR data and information
  • Eliminate entry errors with electronic entry and digital safeguards
  • Reduce administrative costs and labor expenses
  • Rapid document delivery
  • Instant document retrieval

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