Human Resources Workflow: A Powerful Solution

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

The HR office is one of the most document-heavy places in the office. HR documents, such as resumes, legal documents, contracts, and complaints need to be organized and maintained. A customized workflow for HR will add organization and efficiency to the department. Below are just few benefits that Human Resources workflow will have on your department and company.

All documents, one centralized location: A workflow solution simplifies HR operations by relocating all documents to a single, centralized digital format. Retrieve and access documents instantly. Eliminate those frantic file cabinet searches, allowing your staff to focus on higher value projects. Forms are then completed electronically by employees, and documents can be instantly approved by managers.

Authorization and  Security: A Human Resources workflow solution will provide quick access to both active and archived records. Furthermore, a workflow solution will also adhere to tight security and compliance regulations. Once your documents are digitized, your company can define its own security measures. With sensitive documents, you can authorize only certain employees to gain access. Additional features like encryption and passwords will prevent confidential documents from ending up in the wrong hands. These security measures ensure that only authorized viewers can access sensitive and compliant documents.

Better Compliance with Regulations: Unlike other departments, HR requires that many documents are retained for a set amount of time. Increasing government regulations require that companies archive certain documents. Years ago, document retention required vast storage that included file cabinets and constant maintenance. A Human Resources workflow solution keeps documents archived and readily available at all times.

Streamlined Workflow: In paper-based HR offices, documents take a long time to route and approve. An HR workflow solution allows for documents to be seamlessly routed to any authorized recipient. Your department will gain greater control and visibility over your documents, with authorization settings and document tracking. This means you won’t have to wait days for approvals, and you can set reminders to check on progress. An HR solution will eliminate the workflow bottlenecks associated with manual paper processing.  

Cost Savings: The costs associated with producing and storing paper documents are substantial. With an HR workflow solution, your HR will save a lot of money, by not having to manually produce and process paper documents. When your company stores paper documents on-site, you have to pay for file cabinets, storage and security, in addition to various ink and printing expenses. Consequently, paperless HR Department will reduce or eliminate nearly all of these expenses, freeing up office space, while revamping efficiency.

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