The HR Department: Your Company’s Nerve Center

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

The Human Resources department plays a pivotal role in influencing company policy and efficiency. Furthermore, overall company strategy depends on HR to hire the best talent and ensure employee productivity. Since so much company activity is centered around HR, it is crucial for HR employees to have a streamlined workflow. Human Resources is responsible for performing many functions relating to company employees. Below are just a few important processes that HR oversees:

Hiring and Recruitment: HR is responsible for finding and hiring talent, which is a major responsibility that has a significant impact on company success and productivity. The hiring process includes a range of tasks including posting job advertisements, phone screenings, interviews and follow-up.

Record Keeping: In most companies, the HR department is where the records are kept. HR archives include a wide range of records including tax forms, licenses, resumes and applications. Many HR records are confidential, so your team needs to implement safeguards to prevent your confidential information from being compromised.

Compliance: Compliance is a major HR component that governs workflow, dictating document access and retention. Your team needs to ensure that your company is compliant with government laws, which means that your documents also need to be compliant. Failure to do so may result in hefty noncompliance fees and significant liability.

Employee Performance and Evaluations:  It is important for managers to evaluate an employee’s performance and highlight areas for improvement. Employee evaluations are critical functions that foster communication and productivity. They also serve to help employees who might be struggling, providing them with resources and support.

It is important for your team to determine any pain points in your current workflow. Are document routing delays a common occurrence? Does your team struggle to maintain compliance? What is your current document volume? The answers to these questions will help your team to gage the effectiveness of your current workflow processes. In order to accelerate key HR functions, your team should look to automate as much as possible. An HR workflow solution will eliminate administrative headaches, like document retrieval.  

As highlighted above, there is A LOT of data that flows through the HR department. Therefore, your company needs to make sure that HR is equipped with accurate data and information, that can be harnessed to support smarter decision making. HR employees should be leveraging smart data to ensure smooth office operations.


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