The HR Onboarding Process: An Overview

This blog post is part of the Instream HR Document Management Resource Guide

HR Onboarding refers to the process in which new company hires are brought “onboard” and are orientated to their new job and office. During this process, new employees will ideally learn and acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become effective company employees. Since onboarding signals the beginning of a company/employee relationship, it is crucial for the process to be efficient, timely and thorough. A successful onboarding process will help your company to retain employees, while allowing new hires to fully understand company culture and values.

Each new company employee requires many forms and extensive documentation. It’s no secret that there is a lot of paperwork involved in the onboarding process, many of which require signatures and approvals. Below is an overview of the onboarding process and how InStream will help streamline the process.

Orientation: Orientations typically take place before a new hire’s start date, or within the first week after a start data. During this phase of onboarding, new employees are introduced to company functions, policies and culture. Documents included in this step of the process include employee handbook guides, health and safety standard forms, I -9 forms , benefit plan enrollment forms, employee handbooks, tax forms and contracts. This is also the point in the onboarding process when policies and standards are covered.

Training:Initial training usually takes place during the first few weeks or months of hiring. During this time, new employees work alongside hiring managers and trainers to learn more about their job functions and roles. At this stage, training guides and employee handbooks are utilized. Hiring Managers may have to complete training documents, that track the progress of new hires.

Paperwork (Lots of it!): As previously mentioned, there is a LOT of paperwork involved in the employee onboarding process. Files for new employees can contain more than 20 documents. With so many crucial documents involved in the onboarding process, it can be easy for files to overflow in disarray.


How InStream Transforms the Onboarding Process

In paper-based HR offices, employees waste time, money and resources performing administrative tasks. The goal of any HR department should be to maximize human capital and attract talent, which is difficult to do when constantly burdened with pushing paper documents.

With InStream, your HR team can eliminate paper from the equation. Document Conversion through scanning will ensure that your company’s onboarding process adheres to best practices. Once your documents are scanned, the onboarding process can be completed digitally with instant retrieval and access, and security and compliance measures in place. Managers will have greater control over onboarding workflow, and new hires will be seamlessly guided through the process. InStream will harness your HR workflow, accelerating the onboarding process, while bringing new employees “onboard” much faster.  Foster improved teamwork and company success.

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