Talent Management is Strategic Management

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Keeping track of employee performance can be scattered. Human capital is the cornerstone of any company’s success, and Human Resources departments face a large responsibility when recruiting and selecting talent. Talent management is an essential component of strategic planning. As an HR employee, you want to ensure that your company is selecting employees that will contribute towards company growth and innovation. There is a lot of documentation associated with talent management, and it is imperative for HR managers to maintain constant document organization. One way to achieve optimal talent management in your company is through Document Conversion. Document Conversion will scan all your HR documents, centralizing them into a secure, digital repository. This will streamline efficiency in your HR office, fostering improved strategic planning and faster processes.

Enhance the Recruiting Process: When recruiting for new positions, companies are typically bombarded with hundreds of resumes and cover letters. Such large amounts of documents can make it difficult to select the right candidate. With a Document Conversion solution, resumes and cover letters can be instantly accessed and reviewed once they are received. Quick document access will accelerate the hiring process, allowing your company to secure the best candidates. Your team can spend less time manually sorting paper documents, so you can devote more time towards selecting the perfect candidate.

Streamline the Employee Performance Review Process: Annual reviews tend to pop up unexpectedly, leaving managers without critical employee information. Your employees deserve to be reviewed in a timely, efficient manner. Performance reviews are critical function of talent management, where managers can highlight successes and set goals for their employees. Your employees deserve to be reviewed in a timely, efficient manner, and paper documents only slow down the process. Document Conversion will equip managers with all needed documentation to complete a performance review. Instantly route employee files to managers for reviews and approvals.

Employee Documents Available On-Demand: Digital HR documents, achieved through document conversion, will increase the accessibility of employee documents. HR managers won’t have to sift through file cabinets, frantically trying to assemble documents for a review. Company communications will be enhanced, as managers will always be equipped with necessary employee documents. HR documents are securely stored in a centralized, digital location. Documents can then be accessed and retrieved by authorized users upon request.

Maintain Security: Any HR employee is aware of the countless compliance risks that hang over the department. Your department needs a solution that ensures document security and employee confidentiality. Paper HR files are a major liability, in that they can very easily become lost, needlessly duplicated, or end up in the wrong hands. Document Conversion reduces the need for photocopying and duplication. HR document can be routed digitally, which is much more secure that sending photocopied documents around the office

  • Scan resumes, accessing them on any desktop, tablet and email
  • Maintain security in compliance with regulatory standards
  • Gain instant access to evaluations and reports
  • Monitor status of candidates
  • Easily search for HR files

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