Automate Document Processing with Kofax Transformation

Automate Document Processing with Kofax Transformation

Increase your indexing speed and accuracy with the Kofax Capture module called Kofax Transformation! Kofax Transformation is a powerful document processing software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the process of recognizing and understanding virtually any type of document. It extracts the information for later processing or storage. This addition works in unison with your Kofax platform to complete automatic document classification, page separation, data extraction, and validation. The system refocuses employees by automating tasks that are time-consuming when done manually. It is capable of indexing large quantities of documents and properly routing them through your company.

Automation Is the Future of Data Entry

Kofax Transformation quickly moves information through your workflow that Kofax Capture is not able to do alone. Kofax document capture relies on manual data and barcode entry to accomplish scanning and indexing tasks. Maintaining this type of process can be labor-intensive and error-prone. By adding the Kofax Transformation module to your preexisting Kofax System, you can easily automate your workflow. Your staff can work with exception handling and the configured Kofax Transformation controls much of the indexing process. This refocuses employees to tasks that demonstrate higher skills and create growth in your industry.

Automation is a big step when optimizing workflow. Kofax Transformation has the aptitude to quickly learn and repeat tasks. If you are struggling to get through large amounts of indexing daily, this solution frees up time and resources.

Kofax Transformation Accelerates Business Processes

Kofax Transformation is the sole solution for automating files and data processing tasks, resulting in a rapid and scalable payback on investment. It will boost productivity and efficiency. The proven data quality of Kofax Transformation confirms why it is successful in the current market. Clients have tangible results through the reduction of errors and their customers’ satisfaction. It accelerates business processes and helps you engage and empower customers. The instant data display allows customers to access information at a quicker rate than with traditional document management.

Why Haven’t I Done This Sooner?

Cost is often a prohibitor when clients consider moving to an advanced capture solution. This pricing model is all-inclusive with licensing simply based on the annual number of pages processed and optional add-ons for invoices, medical claims, and cursive documents.

However, if you are a client with Kofax Capture (or if you are thinking about it) we will help you take the next step in automating your processes! Kofax has recently started bundling a 10,000-page recurring “starter volume” of Kofax Transformation with every Kofax Capture system if you have version 10 or higher. If your valuable space is overwhelmed with large quantities of paper, take the next step to reduce the number of physical documents you house in your office for free. This is an opportunity to reduce boxes of paper without diminishing resources. This advanced capture offering provides the opportunity for Kofax Capture customers to prove the benefit of automating a manual, expensive and error-prone process. See firsthand what Kofax Transformation can do for you!

Get Your Next Solution with InStream

InStream has more than a decade of experience in the advanced capture space and has been working with Kofax Transformation since its first release. We can assist in configuring Kofax Transformation to automate the classification and extraction of your data. We would love to give you a consultation. Contact us today!

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