Improving Accuracy with MetaStor Audit Trails

An audit trail is a record of all the transactions or data entries that a person or firm has carried out over a specific period. Audit trails are particularly important to business operations and are crucial to adhering to audit compliances and procedures. When searching for a document management system that works best for you, it is important to consider a system that includes audit trails. Different companies have different accounting needs; while a small business may employ a standard accounting system, a larger company might require a more extensive accounting method.

MetaStor is a document management solution that includes customizable audit trail to improve accounting accuracy, make internal and external audits easier and reduce the risk of human errors that could lead to penalties. A company’s Accounts Payable department has countless documents going through their office all the time including vendor bills, invoices, contractual agreements, sales slips, bills and not to mention accounting journals. To maintain organization and adhere to compliance, it is important to keep all of these documents, Customizable audit trails allow you to do just that. MetaStor’s audit trails allow you to customize your accounting system, so you can constantly keep track of your office operations. With MetaStor, you have the ability to track your accounting process every step of the way.

Often times, not having accounting information accessible can mean the loss of a major opportunity and/or a breach of compliance regulations. Audit trails provide a record that you can consult when you need to find a specific entry. Customizable audit trails also come in handy when you need to correct an error or add information to your accounting records. With audit trails, you are allowed  to see which employees entered information and the date and time of entered information.

In addition to customizable audit trails, MetaStor implements various measures to ensure the security of your accounting documents including:

  • Data that is Encrypted at Rest
  • Configurable Password Rules
  • Document Level Security
  • Retention Management to minimize risk
  • Eliminated risk of lost files

Audit Trails allow you to effectively analyze your accounts, improving office efficiency while adhering to compliance and GAAP regulations. MetaStor software is rapidly deployed allowing for instant use, so you can experience the benefits of MetaStor right away. A secure, standardized accounting method is essential for any successful business and MetaStor’s customizable audit trails will provide your organization with just that. For more information, contact us today.