Metastor: Results for Big Businesses

Each business is going to have different document management needs that need to be assessed. A business must consider a system’s integration measures, search capabilities and security measures. The size of the company is also going to be a crucial factor in deciding which document management system to implement; a small business might be content with a basic document management system; however a larger company might require a more comprehensive system that is able to handle all of their needs and requirements.

MetaStor is a cloud-based enterprise content management system that very much suits the needs of a big business. With large transactions, many employees, vast operations and complex processes, large companies have a lot to keep track of and many paper documents to handle. MetaStor is a unique document management system in that it allows clients to build innovative solutions serving partners and customers as joint tenants on the cloud, which results in increased productivity with lower operating and development costs.

Over the past few years, Biel’s has worked with MetaStor to create document management solutions for large organizations in the Western New York area. Biel’s used MetaSource for the Buffalo Bills to digitize and streamline player medical records. After implementation, over 90% of Bill’s records are now paperless and Biel’s was able to streamline the billing and accounts payable processes. Invoices no longer need to be shipped daily from Buffalo to Detroit.

Biel’s also used MetaStor in working with Catholic Health to implement a detailed and inclusive document management system that allowed them to convert over 500 boxes of paper. When the documents were uploaded into MetaStor they were indexed by 10 fields which enables Catholic Health to search for a specific employee by last name, first name, DOB, SSN, etc. In addition to searching by index fields Catholic Health also has full text search ability that enables end users to search for any text in all documents stored in MetaStor. Digital information is safely stored with multiple levels of security, data encryption and disaster recovery.

MetaStor and MetaSource were a great fit for large companies like the Catholic Health and the Buffalo Bills, who have a large amount of sensitive documents to convert and process. Eliminating paper helped these companies to become more efficient and cost-efficient.

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