Saving Time and Money by Attending Expos

Expos offer many valuable resources and benefits for those attending. You can learn more about the industry, gain a better understanding of the market, evaluate the competition and network with others in the field. Perhaps the most important benefit however is that through all of these benefits, you will ultimately save time and money. Biel’s Annual User’s Expo on Friday, September 18th at Buffalo’s brand new Harbor Center, will save you both time and money providing you with knowledge, information and opportunities.

Discover Document Management Solutions

Choosing Biel’s to digitally convert your documents will save your organization. Going paperless will free your organization form countless expenses including storage, filing, unnecessary employees,  paper, ink, toner and transportation. At Biel’s Annual Expo you can discover the document management solution that best works for you and your organization.

Discover New Tools for Efficiency

Through our workshops and speakers you can learn brand new ways to revamp your workplace efficiency to work towards becoming a more productive office. Reducing or eliminating paper also reduces the stress and inefficiencies associated with paper. Your organization will save time previously spent manually filing paper. You can finally redirect time and energy towards growing other parts of your business. Digital Documents also reduces or eliminates the risk of lost, damaged or destroyed files. Digitally converted documents will be available anytime, anywhere and from any authorized digital device, greatly increasing your office efficiency.

Free Admission

Our Expo is free of charge as there is no admission fee. The free admission includes free sessions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and speakers.  Also included is free breakfast, contests and prizes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! The free admission also gives you an excellent networking opportunity to connect with others in the field.

Keynote Speakers from Industry Experts

Have questions about a product or software? Need to know how you can effectively use certain products and equipment? Our expo features industry experts to answer all of your document management questions and concerns. From the speakers you can learn about recent industry advancements and innovations within the document management and imaging industry.

Don’t Wait. Click to register for our fall Expo! For more information, please visit us at Biels.com .