Risk Reduction with MetaStor

Anyone working in an office knows how easy it is for documents to become damaged, torn, stained or stolen. There also isn’t a more stressful feeling than needing that one important document that you can’t seem to find. Lost Documents can be costly and have the potential to damage the reputation of your company. Digital Security is also becoming an increasingly imperative factor in document management. Just because your documents are in a digital format, doesn’t mean they are safe from hackers or being seen by those who are authorized to view them. The reality is this: a poor document management system, will lead to greater risk and loss. With so much at risk, it is important to determine the document  management solution that encompases all of your document security needs.

MetaStor is a secure cloud-based technology that breaks down islands of automation and ties together systems that create, store, manage and deliver content and information to process owners, participants and users. MetaStor’s security system is vast and all-inclusive. MetaStor features Secure User Privileges permitting access only to those employees who are authorized to view the documents. Security is implemented at multiple levels with data encryption and configurable password rules. Additionally MetaStor is PCI Level 1, Version 3 certified and also SOC / AT 101 Type II and HIPAA compliant.

Another notable feature of MetaStor is Disaster Recovery. Documents that are damaged by flood or fire can not be recovered and just because documents are stored on your computer doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to disaster loss. Disaster Recovery features implemented services-continuity plans, server and location redundancy, and real time replication that will protect your documents from catastrophic document loss. This is an excellent back-up plan for your important documents, and might even save your company from a major loss.

Going paperless will greatly improve document security, while reducing the risks associated with manually processing paper documents. When you have to file papers, store them onsite, or ship them to an offsite facility a lot can happen to your documents in the process. By storing your documents in MetaStor’s secure cloud-based software, you eliminate all these risks. In addition to improved security, going paperless with MetaStor will increase workflow productivity by reducing costs and shortening cycle times.