R.O.I Got You B.L.U.E

If you have ever known an accountant, you know they are some of the hardest working people. I also like to think of accountants as the smartest and the dumbest people, smart in that they are intellectual remembering a lot of information and are able to use formulas from instinct but dumb in the sense that they spend hours upon hours of extra time in an office to catch up on last month’s work. There is an easier way to get more work done, save time, and your company a lot of money.

AP Automation is a combination of invoice processing automation and efficiency-based features within our document scanning and capture application that allows you to breeze through scanning invoices capturing invoice information, posting data and archiving invoices for later access.

What will AP Automation achieve?

Return on investment is a common phrase in the accounting field, and it is also one of the most important. Whenever you invest in something you are looking to get something in return, whether it be money or production, and AP Automation can give you both. Biel’s provides solutions for every budget that can easily be expanded once an organization gets the digital invoice processing underway. With AP Automation, you can automatically collect invoice information, such as vendor, invoice number, total and date. You can easily enter or correct data with just the click of a mouse. Saving you from a late Friday night at the office.

How about this for an ROI?

Biel’s clients average over 1500 invoices a month and the cost of processing a single invoice came to $3.69. That is a lot of money going into a single process for accountants. With Biel’s AP Automation system you could drop that cost down to $2.50 per invoice. That’s a monthly savings of $1,785 dollars. A yearly savings of $21,420. The earlier you make the change, the more money you save.

In a profession where money is crucial and time is valuable, the switch to AP Automation is affordable and efficient for all types of firms. Contact us for more information.