Document Management: Stay Productive All Day

Everyone that has worked a 9 to 5 job knows about the 2:30 pm feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you feel like you can’t make it to the end of the day and you just want to put your head down and sleep on your desk. I am here to tell you the reason you might be feeling this way and how you can get past it.

The typical way people get past this feeling is by having another coffee or some kind of energy drink, but this only covers up the problem, while not actually solving it. Energy drinks and coffee every day can also add up, costing you a lot of money. If you’re going to drink a lot of coffee, make your own and bring it in or bring your own Keurig cups.

The reason most people complain about the 2:30 pm feeling is because they are exhausted from the work they had done before 2:30 pm. They run to find a file, can’t find that file, then try to replace that file, resulting in a lot of work for nothing. Document management is a process that can eliminate all the useless running around and frustration of not finding a file. When employees aren’t stressing about their work, they aren’t rushing to complete work thus more energy later in the day.

20 to 40 percent of a workers time is wasted searching for paper documents. If you work from 9 am to 2:30 pm, you can waste 2 to 3 hours just looking for documents. That causes a lot of physical and mental exhaustion; no wonder people complain about a 2:30 pm feeling. This time can be virtually eliminated with a Biel’s document management solution. Giving you the ability to have all the documents at your fingertips with a simple key word search software.

If you have trouble with the 2:30 pm feeling, instead of reaching for that coffee with a double espresso shot or some sugary energy drink, give Biel’s Document Management a try and stay productive all day long.