Out with the Old and in With the New

Humans discovered the process to make paper from trees in 105 A.D! It has been over two centuries since that time. Society has come a long way since then with increased technological and intellectual advances. Most of these advancements have come in recent decades and with that has come great opportunity to get a leg up on any competition who is stuck in medieval times.

What is this opportunity?

Conversion from paper to digital documents. This simple yet cost effective process is a recent phenomenon thanks to the advancement of digital software. On average it costs $20 to file a paper document, $120 to find it and a whopping $220 to reproduce a lost paper document. In the US alone there is over 4 trillion paper documents and 90% of business information still exists on paper. That means only 10% have taken advantage of the increased benefits of going digital.

What are the benefits of going digital?

  • Reduce lost and misfiled documents: don’t spend time and money replacing lost files.
  • Provide faster search and retrieval of documents: use key words to find documents instantly.
  • Reduce storage space: file cabinets, boxes and shelving take up a lot of physical space and storage units can be expensive.
  • Better organize existing documents: digital files are neat and effective.
  • Security: with passwords and electronic tracking your documents have never been safer.

Making the switch from paper to digital is quick, easy, and effective! No one wants to be the last person to a party and if you don’t act fast you certainly will be. Contact us today to start making the switch as soon as possible.