Technology and Relationships: Are You Doing It Right?

With the advances in mobile technology, it is easier than ever for businesses to work with anyone, any where at any time. Employees can have a flexible schedule with the ability to work remotely and can still collaborate with each other, accessing documents and information instantaneously from any location. Technology has opened so many doors and provided a variety of opportunities, changing the workforce, however, if used too much, it can hinder any business relationship, both internally and externally. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to provide as strong of services and products without technology. At the same time, there are some things that businesses and employees shouldn’t ignore when forming business relationships.

Effort with Clients

Clients wants to know that you are willing to go above and beyond for them. While technology allows for constant contact in a variety of methods; phone calls, emails, Skype, texting, etc, that isn’t the only interaction you should be having.Sometimes, the best way to show your in it for the long hall, is to show up and meet face to face. Just like in your personal life, there are some things that should just be said in person. Take the time to connect on a personal level and add value to your relationship and business. Using technology to grow your reach and improve workflow will benefit your business, but without the proper work relationships, it isn’t worth it. Don’t underestimate the power of a handshake.

Employee Communication

Paying attention to how your business is communicating with clients should be a priority, but focusing on communication among employees is equally as important. While the cloud allows employees to collaborate anywhere, at any time, it can also cause employees to lose the feeling of camaraderie and lose sight of team goals, which could potentially lead to becoming distant and self-centered.   When this happens, productivity and office efficiency will take a turn for the worse, affecting the entire business. Utilizing technology will remove employee’s interpersonal communication and won’t allow employees to get to know each other or build strong relationships. Team building activities and employee engagement is crucial, especially if many of your employees are working remotely.

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