Switch Validation Scripting on Kofax Capture Now Not Later

Kofax Capture Script: What Does It Do?

In Kofax Capture, the Kofax Validation Module is the user interface that makes it possible for users to index documents properly. The validation screen form shows the document’s fields and then the user must confirm and/or change field values or enter data. This can be a redundant task to perform especially when fields have been filled automatically by barcode or Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Kofax Capture Validation Scripts provide the ability to extend document indexing capabilities by integrating with databases, web service interfaces or line of business applications to improve accuracy and automate the indexing process. Also, it applies business rules to the indexing process to ensure accurate routing of documents. The indexing process can be automated using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcode data and other automation methods like scripting.

What is SBL?

Starting in the ’90s, Kofax Capture software, or Ascent Capture, provided a scripting language for script validation purposes known as Softbridge Basic Language (SBL). SBL is now a legacy language and is no longer supported by newer versions of Kofax Capture.

Having old SBL scripting means that your system is outdated and may be lacking in the maintenance and management of Kofax customizations. You may not even know whether you have any existing scripts since they work in the background and aren’t visible to users. There isn’t an easy way to check where they are assigned and their details. It is wise to connect with a Kofax service provider who can consult with you and perform the work and maintenance if you do not know how to do this.

At this point, SBL has only been maintained in Kofax to facilitate the transition to the other scripting languages.

Time to Switch to Visual C# and VB.NET Validation Scripts

Many legacy Kofax Capture installations still exist, which utilize SBL scripting for validation. Currently, for developers, the standard Kofax Capture scripting languages are VB.NET and Visual C#. VB.NET scripting was introduced in Kofax Capture 8.0 in 2008, then C# released in Kofax Capture 10.2 in 2015.

It’s time to convert any existing SBL scripts to VB.NET or Visual C# since scripting greatly impacts the efficiency and accuracy of your system. This is a great opportunity to decide if some scripts need to be removed or redeveloped to improve or add functionality.

How to Convert Kofax Capture Script

If you have little to no programming skills, converting from SBL to VB.NET or C# can be intimidating. However, Kofax does offer a way to apply scripts which gives you the ability to insert small scripts with ease. If you prefer to take a handoff approach there are Kofax certified solution providers, like InStream, who provide this as a professional service. Outsourcing these tasks allows for you to focus on other initiatives while also staying current and up to date with system improvements.

InStream is a Kofax solution provider. For a demo or consultation, email us at info@instreamllc.com.


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