Taking Technology Forward with InStream’s Reseller Services

RPA, system hosting, dashboards, portals… it’s no secret that office technology is constantly and  rapidly advancing. Yet, despite these new technologies, many companies still find themselves performing tasks they don’t have the time to perform. Businesses either don’t have the bandwidth and resources in place to implement new systems effectively, or they still rely on manual processes to complete tasks, leading to efficiency bottlenecks and turnaround delays. 

The document industry in particular is increasingly expanding into more high-tech solutions. As new technology opportunities arise, document company managers are faced with critical decisions in terms of how they are going to stay competitive from both a sales and operations standpoint. Often times, businesses elect to utilize and consult outside experts who have experience providing specialized services for other companies. Such outside experts might even be companies in the same industry. 

InStream is proud to be the technology resource for companies across all industries who are looking to work smarter and operate with greater efficiency. Over the years, InStream has been providing complex technical solutions to both clients and resellers alike. We understand that it can be hard to stay technologically current, and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of office technology, offering a broad range of custom reseller services for clients, including: 

  • Transactional Based RPA Services
  • Web Based Portals and Dashboards
  • Data Analytics and Management
  • Software Support (FileBound, AX, PSIGEN, AnyDoc, Kofax, OnBase)
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Services
  • Security Compliance
  • Azure and AWS System Hosting 
  • System Integrations and Migrations
  • Complex Workflow Development
  • Database Design and Development
  • Client Technical Staff Augmentation
  • Security Compliance

When your company chooses to work with InStream, you can be assured that these services will be thoroughly performed with utmost quality, allowing your team to shift their focus back to your company’s core competencies while we benefit you by focusing on our own.Whether you’re looking to slash turnaround times, boost sales, or provide better service to your clients, InStream’s Reseller Services will take your company operations to the next level. 

The most important detail? We offer competitive pricing for our services to ensure that your projects remain profitable for your company, balancing resources with opportunity. Contact us today and find out how InStream can help grow your company.