Fast Five: Frequently Asked Questions about InStream

When talking with prospective customers, one of our main goals is to provide transparent insight into our services and internal operations. Over the next few months, we will be answering frequently asked questions we receive during these initial conversations. 

In this post, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about InStream as a company. Whether you’re a new customer or curious to learn more about our solutions, below are some FAQs for InStream.

Who is InStream?

InStream provides customers with improved business processes and custom workflow solutions. We believe in taking a collaborative, client-focused approach to crafting our custom solutions and services, involving experts across our organization. When your company works with InStream, you can be assured that your business challenges will be met with solutions. We leverage our time, talent, and resources to more efficiently and expertly perform key business processes for our clientele. For more information on our company values, check out our ISMs – the guiding principles behind InStream’s success. 

Where is InStream located?

InStream is headquartered in Nashville, TN, with a nationwide presence from coast to coast. Click here for more information regarding our office locations. 

What does InStream do?

Quite a bit! InStream offers a wide range of products, services and solutions for companies looking to work smarter and maximize productivity. Below are just a few of the services we offer: 

  • Consulting & Business Process Management: InStream will pinpoint areas of process improvement so your company can reach your business goals. From planning and implementation, to administration and successful completion, our team of experts will oversee every step of the process to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Conversion Services:  Converting paper documents into digital files allows for the efficient retrieval and   analysis of your data, eliminating the need for physical storage, while providing layers of encrypted protection.
  • Custom Web Development: InStream’s web development solutions include web portals and system-to-system integration. Web portals are a singular, internet-based location to operate business, allowing for secure access from any location or device. With a system-to-system integration solution, InStream can connect your company’s disparate systems into more cohesive platforms, providing your company with increased efficiency. 
  • Document Management: Our document management solutions can be tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you are looking for a simple storage solution or a robust custom automated workflow or electronic form solution, we will ensure that your company’s documents are easily retrievable and efficiently processed.

Check out our website for a complete list of the services we provide. 

How many employees does InStream have?

We have approximately 100 employees located across the United States. Our employees include project managers, sales executives, marketing specialists, IT professionals, financial experts, and data and operations specialists.

What types of companies does InStream work with?

InStream works with all kinds of companies across all industries. Whether it’s a project for a small business or large corporation, we have years of experience working with companies of all types and sizes. We’ve even worked with a major retailer with over 16,000 stores and 34,000 employees. Some of our other clients include:


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