InStream ISMs: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Have you heard the story about teamwork and balloons? It’s a tale frequently circulated on LinkedIn and in email forwards, its popularity standing the test of time…

A CEO decided to run an exercise with his large staff. He had each employee pick a balloon and write their name on it. The balloons were then released inside a room. The CEO told his employees that they had five minutes to find the balloon with their name. Of course, no one could find their own balloon amongst the hundreds, each appearing identical to the next.

At the five-minute mark, the CEO called for attention and announced that the rules had changed. He ordered each participant to take hold of the nearest balloon and instead, search for its owner. Within a matter of minutes, each person was holding their own balloon. Together, the team accomplished something that not a single individual was able to accomplish on his own. Teamwork had made a very challenging task an easy one.

The Power of Teamwork.

At InStream, we believe our success is always greater when we work as a team. As we like to say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It’s one of our InStream ISMs, core beliefs about who we are and the principles that drive our company forward. Here’s what teamwork looks like in our offices…

A Solution Squad

We think of ourselves as a “solution squad” comprised of various experts all motivated to find the best options for our clients. When we have a new project or prospect, members from all across our organization come together to develop a solution based on the problems presented to us.

The solution squad brainstorm often stretches across a number of departments and professionals, including project managers, business analysts, IT pros and developers, and others, gathering a broad range of expertise. Many voices are welcomed to the table to come up with a plan for our customers.

We have a “whatever it takes” approach to getting results for our happy customers.InStream customers have the advantage of never being limited to the knowledge of just one person or department. Instead, customers enjoy a variety of informed perspectives thanks to an experienced solution squad that’s worked on a wide range of projects.

We believe that open dialogue and collaboration is what it takes to keep ideas flowing and deliver the best results to our customers. Interdepartmental collaboration – not just in brainstorming, but also in implementation – is the key behind every solution.

Collaboration In Every Phase

By collaborating with various InStream project managers and team members in the brainstorming phase, we are able to bring in key players early in the process who may actually play a role in building out your solution. Starting at the ground level, these team members are introduced to your company, project, and needs, making them more informed and prepared for building the solutions that will drive your successful project!

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