InStream ISMs: Every Lock Has a Key.

Our “ISMs” are our guiding principles, the values and beliefs that shape us. They’re beliefs we hold closely. In short, they make us who we are. These guiding principles include…

The customer’s team is our team.

People determine solutions – not budgets.

We also believe that every lock has a key.

As we shared earlier this spring…

No project is without its speed bumps and roadblocks. However, we don’t take “no” for an answer. If a solution changes course or project scope expands, then we have no qualms about switching gears and approaching the project from a different angle. Every lock has a key, and we will find the key!

Every Lock Has a Key

Every lock has a key… but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find it! Some back of the napkin math tells us that the most affordable “big box store” lock manufacturer currently sells locks that use 5 pins, which can be set at 6 different heights. That means your typical front door lock on a house could be any one of about 7,776 combinations.

Now imagine having to find the one and only key to fit that one lock you need to open!

Fortunately, we don’t find ourselves working on any projects that have 7,775 failures for every 1 success! (Even Thomas Edison didn’t have that many failures in inventing the lightbulb.)

Our teams of experts and specialists are committed to finding that one key for every lock that may appear throughout the duration of a project. Here’s a look into the thinking and beliefs that power this can-do approach…

Solutions change course.

There are things in life we just can’t control. Traffic. Weather. The neighbor’s dog barking from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. We call these hurdles. They may interrupt our commute, weekend plans, or sleep, but we get past them.

Hurdles are a part of nearly every project, just like they’re a part of life. Frustrating? Sure, at times. Insurmountable? No.

We overcome hurdles.

We don’t allow hurdles to overcome us.

When hurdles or speed bumps appear, we find a solution. We start thinking differently. Ultimately, we will find a way to deliver the solution that our customer needs (and THEN some). Why? Because we know…

…every lock has a key.

We don’t take “no” for an answer.

We also don’t take “no” for an answer. Instead, we’ll pivot until we get a “yes.” When you hire InStream to bring creativity, hard work, strategic thinking, and leadership to a project, you can be assured that we’ll stay on mission until every element of the project is signed with a “yes.”

Different process, same results.

There’s a Henry Ford quote that gets tossed about quite often in the business world. (Disclaimer: It turns out there’s no actual evidence of Ford having said this. But it’s still got a nice ring to it!)

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Ford recognized a basic truth: people generally know what result they want… they just might not know how to achieve it. Ford focused on delivering the result, but he was highly flexible in process.

From decreeing that every vehicle would be painted black (due to the era’s paint technology) to inventing the assembly line, Ford tweaked and refined process time and again in order to deliver the results his customers desired: to get from Point A to Point B faster.

The process changed, and he delivered an even better version of the customer’s desired result: increased speed. Likewise, our specialists at InStream never stop adjusting the processes that allow us to be laser-focused on the results our clients are looking for.

Fully engaged project management teams.

Imagine a manager who only comes into the office once a week.

A pastor who doesn’t work Sundays.

A football coach who never gives his team a playbook.

It doesn’t work, right? Great leaders are intimately connected to those they lead. The manager knows his team’s strengths and weaknesses. The pastor is aware of the needs of his congregation. The football coach knows which play to call at 3rd and ten, and which play to call when his wide receivers are exhausted.

In the same way, our project managers remain closely involved throughout the entire development of the project. It’s one more way we’re able to efficiently “find the key” that fits the lock.

How can we help you?

Do you have a project that’s in need of a “key?” Let us help you find it! Our specialists at InStream hold the “keys” to unlocking unlocking solutions in workflow, robotic process automation, and many other business processes. Contact us today to start a discussion!