4 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Smiles on Monday (And The Rest Of The Week)

Working in an office setting can admittedly become seemingly mundane as the days of the week roll on. Mondays are always challenging. Transitioning from Sunday’s hammock to Monday’s meetings is not an easy skip to make. By Wednesday, most of us are goggling in anticipation of Friday’s embrace. Cheerful conversation between coworkers may even be scarce as the week winds down and unfinished work needs to be done. But pressure as the work week ends won’t result in a more focused staff, it will only stress you and your cubical neighbor out even more.
In order to ensure that your office is as pleasant and composed as possible throughout the week, one thing is very important: Smile!

Smile Before Asking a Question. According to scientific studies, smiling is actually believed to be a contagious gesture. Regardless of how short or simple the question may be, a smile before any words at all can set the mood for the rest of the conversation. Throughout your work week, challenge yourself to smile before asking or even answering any questions. This will not only leave any tense coworkers at ease, but will make you feel 1,000x better knowing you’ve given someone a ‘warm fuzzy’ on a Monday morning!

Drink Your H2O. Believe it or not, this may be the most important part of your ‘smile journey’. Water energizes your body’s muscles and keeps you awake. There is nothing harder than trying to maintain a friendly face when all you want to do is fall into a deep sleep (and dream of Friday of course!) . Staying hydrated can give you that extra boost of energy you need in order to show those pearly whites to all of your coworkers.

Remember, You’re Not All In This Together. It might become very easy to forget that you aren’t the only one in the office when even the sound of typing is being drowned by the silence of Monday’s despair. But remember, you are not the only one who cold use a Monday pick-me-up. The saying “treat others the way you would want to be treated” is key here. When you are in a Monday Mood, refer back to instruction number 1. Making an effort to be extra kind to those around throughout the entire week (not just on Mondays) can affect the entire office atmosphere.
Get a Goodnights Rest Sunday Evening. We all love Sunday. It is the day for relaxation and to wind down from Saturday’s shenanigans. Making sure you’ve gotten a goodnight’s sleep the night before Moody Monday can mean the difference between that smile and scowl!

So SMILE! oh and make sure to follow us on Twitter!