5 Reasons for Records Management

Records management helps organizations classify, store, secure and destruct or preserve records. There are a lot of reasons for your organization to develop and implement a records management program, and here are five of them!

Control over the Creation and Growth of Records
An effective records management program does two major things. It limits how many records and copies of records are created that are not essential to the business. And, it serves as a system for destroying useless or retiring inactive records.

Preserve Corporate Memory
Business records contain an organizations memory, an irreplaceable asset that is often overlooked. Records are created each day that become background data for future business decisions and planning.  It is important that through records management they are preserved securely.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity
Well organized records manage make it easier and quicker for employees to access them when they are needed and files them correctly when they are not. This not only improves efficiency and productivity but it also saves time and space.

Ensure Compliance
The US is one of the most heavily regulated countries in the world. Our laws can create major compliance problems for businesses since they can be difficult to interpret and apply. One way an organization can be reasonably sure that it is in full compliance is by operating a good records management program which takes responsibility for regulatory compliance.

Protect Important Information
Every organization needs to protect its records from disaster because every organization is vulnerable to loss. A successful records management program preserves the integrity and confidentiality of all important records.

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