Mobile Management: Part Two

In the last Mobile Management post, there was discussion that mobile accounts for a huge amount of internet access and a large amount of internet users. That’s why most companies have entered the so-called “digital age” and built websites. But every age comes to an end, and every strategy becomes over saturated. Internet sites number in the millions but the average user has 26 apps downloaded. The next thing in marketing, is mobile applications. And yes, even for small businesses. But there is two important questions to ask yourself before building or paying someone to build an app.

  1. Do you want access to your customers 24/7? An app is unique from a website since it always sits on the mobile users home screen and can send notifications through the phone.
  2. Do you have a purpose? The app should provide beneficial to both you and customers. It is important to provide a productive, unique experience to keep users downloading and than further engaging with the application. And is your business benefiting in some tangible metric. And no having an app just to have an app, is like being the cool mom. It sounds fun but can ultimately lead to harm.Social Media Marketing is a great way to spread the word of a product and can generate some very organic marketing. But you are competing on Social Media with other brands and personal use. It’s very easy to get drowned out in the noise. Furthermore, Social Media might create awareness but it does not necessarily create actions.While apps are not for every business, they can provide an excellent tool for consumer reach and interaction. Mobile marketing is part of the future and apps may be your way in.
  3. Email is one of the original forms of content marketing and for many it works wonderfully. This facet is an important part of many businesses. But if your email is one of the 20% lucky enough to be opened there is still only a 5% chance the link will be followed. Meanwhile, app notifications get anywhere at least 30% response rate and almost 40% of users follow that notification up with immediate interaction.
  4. If you meet the above two steps, congrats you should build an app! Still not convinced, this isn’t just a fad? Well app’s provide a distinct advantage over other marketing channels.

If you need help with going mobile or have any questions, please contact Biel’s today.