Benefits of Off-Site Storage for On-site Management

Are there too many documents in your office, and not enough space for workflow efficiency and productivity? Are your employees spending too much time managing all the paper documents and files in your office? Has your high document volume made it hard to accomplish simple tasks around the office? If any of these ring true for your organization, your solution may be found in off-site storage.  Below is a list of benefits that Off-Site storage has to offer.

Its Economical: Storing your documents on-site, takes up valuable office space that could be better used for other uses. Freeing up space in your office will increase office productivity and will eliminate the expenses of file cabinets and shelves. Your employees will be free to work on other tasks rather than managing paper files on-site. If you pay a staff member to file papers on-site, you can eliminate that position.

Top-of-the-line Security: These days, protecting your documents from ending up in the wrong hands can be a complicated and overwhelming task. Storing your files in an off-site facility like Biel’s, will ensure both the safety and confidentiality of your documents. Your files will only be handled by those who are authorized to view them.  Biel’s vault is a 10″ steel reinforced concrete structure with reinforced concrete floor and ceiling. Biel’s storage facility features a Mosler vault door approved for military classified (DOD) records, along with  an electronic monitor system with alarm notification to sound when outside of controlled limits. The space is designed against unauthorized access to U.S. defense standards, as it is a Class A unit.

Climate Controlled Storage: Some media formats, like film, need to be housed in a climate controlled setting. Additionally, older paper documents need to be protected. An off-site storage facility like Biel’s offers such climate-controlled protection for your documents that require extra attention. Biel’s Climate Controlled storage facility stabilizes both temperature and humidity.The temperature is maintained at 70 degrees, while the humidity is kept at 35%. Climate Controlled protection will greatly increase the quality and longevity of your documents.

Protection of your Documents: Many things can happen to your documents over the years. Over time documents may become faded, torn, stained or damaged. Also, storing your documents in a low-security facility like an office won’t ensure that your documents won’t get lost, stolen, or end up in the wrong hands. Storing your documents in an off-site facility like Biel’s ensures that none of these things happen. Additionally, Biel’s facility is disaster-resistant, protecting your documents from fires, hurricanes, blizzards and other natural disasters. Biel’s features fire and smoke alarms along with suppression systems to protect your documents.

Storing your documents in an off-site facility like Biel’s offers countless benefits for your company, but the bottom line is that it saves your company both time and money.

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