Then & Now: Biel’s 75 Years in Buffalo

75 years ago, Ernest and Kate Biel came to America from Europe to open Biel’s Photocopy Service, as our company was first called. Opened on May 18, 1939, our company started in an upper flat apartment on the historic Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY.

The Biel’s were met with many challenges when they arrived in Buffalo. They had to manually convert all of their equipment to meet the 110 volt requirements in America. The next challenge was for the Biel’s to set up a photo processing area. This area would be set up in their bathroom, where prints would be washed, film developed in tanks, dried and stored. Documents were stored and reproduced from microfilm, this is the method that would derive much of their early business. Some of Biel’s first clients were the Buffalo Museum, the Erie County Historical Society, newspapers and various retail stores.

Another success Biel provided, was the filming of retail items for advertising purposes. Fortunately for the Biel’s, microfilm was proven to be a successful process for records management in WWII. This led to a contract with the government, microfilming secret documents, formulas, designs and plans. After the war he discovered some of these secret documents he microfilmed were for the atomic bomb.

Around 1945, the Biel’s had to buy more equipment and hire another employee to keep up with their growth. Eventually they obtained the dealership rights from equipment manufacturers. Many of these units were microfilm readers, film processors, enlargers and printers. With rapid growth during the past 75 years Biel’s was relocated multiple times and to our eventual location on Indian Church Road in Buffalo.

Today, Biel’s Document Management is focused on innovation and generating new ideas for your company’s document management needs. We are determined to provide unmatched customer service that our company was founded on 75 years ago by Ernest and Kate Biel. We provide document management and work-flow solutions that help companies achieve growth and profitability goals. Consulting services are provided to help understand the organization’s culture and work processes to develop a successful solution. Biel’s provides many document management solutions software as well as many different typed of hardware such as scanners.

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