Biz Blab Decoded: Growth Hacker

Often times marketers and advertisers get a bad reputation. Many don’t trust them as they are always selling something. While marketers in any field know that not to be true, they are marketer’s through and through. And part of marketing is finding a way to make your product sound appealing.

But what happens when you are just a start-up. A marketer is often great to push the known products through the system. But a start-up needs something a little deeper. A typical growth hacker’s skills will consist of a broader base than your traditional marketer all focused on one thing, growth of the company. Hacker was added for one of two reasons. One, most growth hackers have computer skills and computer software engineers can often be referred to as hackers. Two, hackers are people who find out of the box, new ways of doing things for the better.

Growth Hacker’s often have a fundamental understanding of marketing and of product development. In today’s computer era most growth hackers have serious computer skills or can at least be an effective communicator with those who do.

Growth Hacker’s real skills are not ones that are suitable for every company or employer. To have an employer that will take initiative so far outside of the box is not something a sole-market, long term seller may want. But for those looking for a that growth, a growth hacker just might be the way to go. They thrive on the challenge and the game of it, and have a passion for these kinds of adrenaline situations.

Growth hacker’s may use a variety of tactics but they all have a deep understanding for the customer life cycle and how their tactics will influence and effect that stage. By understanding and creating appropriate tactics for each phase, growth hackers can build not only quick growth but sustainable growth.

Growth Hackers can be great hires for any business that needs a jump start. Visit Biel’s today to see how document management has the potential to take your company to the next growth level.