Building With The Cloud

All industries and departments can benefit from using the cloud.  From healthcare to construction, there is a solution for everyone.

Using the cloud allows contractors to access information from any computer or mobile device with internet access,  time sheets, project management and ERP systems.  Access to these types of documents can be critical to making important decisions.  The cloud may seem like it would be based more towards a larger construction company, but it can actually benefit and save money for construction businesses of all sizes.  One of the main benefits construction companies gain by using the cloud is scalability.  Scalability is beneficial to construction companies that plan to grow.  Cloud computing enables business owners to add computing resources, storage, or network (bandwidth) but just enough to cover the additional requirements and only for as long as they will be needed.  Here is an example of what David Molamphy, Senior Project Manager for Clayco Inc. has to say about using the cloud for his construction company, “The budget forecasting & earned value reporting tool allows us to be much more precise in our forecasts and provides all the project cost details we need in one location.”

Cloud computing in the healthcare industry is on the rise.  It is expected to grow $5.4 billion by 2017.  The healthcare industry is rapidly changing due to the demands of better medical services for less money, so many are trying to find a solution to cut costs but increase efficiency at the same time. Cloud computing is the solution for the healthcare industry to solve their problems.  Some of the advantages that the healthcare industry is receiving from using the cloud are as followed: collaboration, speed, mobility, security and privacy and decreased costs.  “Cloud technology allows for improved care coordination because employees at healthcare systems will have real-time access to patients’ clinical data across providers, which during medical emergencies, is critical for optimal care,” says Jonathan Samples, executive vice president of research and development for Greenway Medical Technologies.

Companies that deal with very sensitive data are becoming very reliable to the cloud.  A credit union may be worried about the cost that are associated with using the cloud because they are a small financial service, but there are many cloud providers that can give you a reduced cost.  There are data centers that work in compliance with the financial industries.  The data center ensures data is protected in the event of a disaster because the data will be stored in another location. The disaster recovery benefits are a huge benefit for the financial services industry, since it allows smaller companies to compete with the bigger companies that have more flexibility in their budgets. With larger financial service companies, they have the ability to control what data resources will reside in the cloud and what data will stay in-house, while storing everything remotely with backups in place.  An example of a financial service being benefited by the cloud is Banco Popular which contracted IBM for 10 years as part of an IT transformation project which includes managing a private cloud infrastructure. The deal is expected to save $200m over the term of the contract.

Many different industries can benefit greatly from using the cloud.  From saving money to saving time expect to see an improvement in your company, the opportunities are endless! To see how it can benefit you, contact us.